Thursday, August 6, 2009

Boomers Unite: It's Time to Raid Your Daughter's Closet

Ladies, it's time to raid your daughter's closet, according to 40+ style consultant and costumer to the stars Sherrie Mathieson. Borrow the denim jacket, cashmere cardigan or cool, chunky necklace.

Sure you should purchase the classic wardrobe pieces. But spruce them up (and make yourself look more hip) by borrowing the best of your daughter's look in age-appropriate ways.

Mathieson recommends staying out of stores that cater to boomers. Instead add a twist to age-old classic styles.

"Sporty (not sloppy) makes you look younger...(but you) need to learn how to get sporty right." Accessorize well by wearing more prominent jewelry rather than delicate chains. Choose nice quality fabrics. Don't overdo anything and check out ageless collections at J. Crew and Ralph Lauren.

I bought Sherrie Mathieson's book, Forever Cool, and got great ideas to create a more youthful and modern personal style.

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