Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seniors Needn't Go Hungry

Meals on Wheels shared some shocking figures.
By 2025, an estimated 9.5 million senior Americans will experience some form of food insecurity, about 75% higher than the number in 2005.

The effects are noteworthy:
On average a marginally food insecure family spends about 60% less on food relative to needs. Being marginally food insecure is roughly equivalent to being 14 years older. It also means that these senior Americans will not get a proper daily nutrient intake so they are more likely to fall into poor or fair health and more likely to experience difficulty in activities of daily living.

Don't you or a senior you know go without proper nutrition. Help them take advantage of food programs that are easily accessible.

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Diane J Standiford said...

I have seen lack of eating, whether due to no money, no transpotation, no means to prepare food, bad teeth, no health care, cause so many people to die before their time. Meals on Wheels saved my mother and aunt's lives. They were ashamed to admit they needed the help. Watch out for weight loss in older friends and family, help them find food.