Friday, August 14, 2009

Throw Away the Iron: Dressing Tips For the Elderly

Let's be honest. Some people struggle with the basic activities we take for granted. Like dressing. You can help turn an arduous task into a pleasant, effortless one with a few suggestions:

1. Choose fabrics with a high level of washability and elasticity

2. Choose velcro easy touch closures

3. Arthritic hands work better with long front zippers

4. Choose clothing with larger openings to pull over or step into

A website like Silverts has provided customers with adaptive clothing at affordable prices for close to 80 years. I particularly like the "Clothing By Need" department where you'll find items for those people who are handicapped or suffer from ALS, Alzheimer's, arthritis, diabetes, edema, incontinence, leg stiffness, Parkinson's or any other ailment. Full-figured problems are also addressed.

There is an unconditional money-back guarantee and exchange policy and an easy-to-reach customer service at 1-800-387-7088.

For more personal care items (including grooming, washing and toileting aids), check out this site.

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