Monday, August 10, 2009

Where It's Great to be Grand: always has great ideas. Just recently it featured 13 grandparents sharing outdoor summer activities they do with their own grandchildren that strengthens their bonds:

1. Run or maybe walk to the park

2. Plant a veggie garden

3. Pull that bathing suit out of the drawer and play in the pool

4. Camp in your backyard (sleep in the tent, sing, make s'mores)

5. Make your own rules to old games--get the ball over the net any which way you can

6. Smell the roses and watch the birds

7. Go take a hike--really

8. Go to the beach--boat, build sandcastles, draw in the sand, picnic

9. Climb the jungle gym and slide

10. Scavenge for art supplies in the great outdoors--find the pine cone, sticks, leaves

11. Travel to a national park

12. Go fish (not the card game)

13. Rollerblade (a little too daring for me!)

Find out more how to be a super grandparent and take advantage of the grandparenting resources in your community.

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