Friday, August 21, 2009

50+ Women Haircut Tips

According to Vivienne Neweling, an ezine expert author, one of the many ways you can change or alter your appearance gracefully (and defy old age) is by having the perfect hairstyle.

Most important, she confides, is your facial shape. Consider your best features to accentuate them and give your hair shine by moisturizing it properly.

Fine facial lines and wrinkles can be softened by adding layers around the face. These will also add body and volume to your hair. She suggests side swept bangs for added softness and a chic edge.

For more on what to do about the gray, what to do for thinning hair or how to achieve the perfect haircut for the man in your life, visit

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Diane J Standiford said...

There is a salon at the retirement home I'm at but the cuts are all granny-style. Not cheap either. My hair is thick and grows fast, I love the white but the cuts! Maybe if I talk to them...