Monday, April 28, 2008

Ebay to the Rescue: Ladies Clothes at Great Prices

Omigosh. I forgot about ebay.

A week or so ago I purchased a great but pricey dress at Nordstrom's, one that would get me through 3 weddings (and possibly a funeral!), two on the coasts and the last in the middle. It's one of those dresses which can be suitable for a lot of occasions depending on the way it's accessorized.

Granted I enjoy clothes like most ladies. But my itty bitty closet doesn't allow for much. So I have to be selective.

I don't often buy dresses (period) but when I do, I rarely exceed a reasonable pricetag. This one, however, was more than my usual budget for a couple of months.

I tried to justify the expense (for at least 2 1/2 minutes) and then thought...Ebay! Could I duplicate the dress at a discount?

I entered the designer name and my size. Voila. There it was at half the price. The dress still had its tags. The seller had received almost 100% positive response. The bidding was in progress and I was determined to get it.

Bob reviewed ebay dynamics with me. I waited by the computer until the last moment and plugged in my bid. "You have won the item" felt like nirvana to me.

Now for shoes. Pretty doesn't work for someone who has bunions...but I wanted to give it my best try.

I went back to Nordy's, returned the dress, and checked out the shoe department. The perfect shoes (good-looking and comfortable) beckoned me and since I had the cash burning a hole in my pocket, I purchased them on the spot.

Not an exciting story. Kind of boring, I suppose. But I shall live happily until after the weddings.

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