Monday, April 14, 2008

Ways to Look Younger

Haley reached for baby Nicole's sippy cup and swallowed its watered-down contents. No matter that her juice box was within reach. It was much more fun to act the baby. No doubt the advantages of being a toddler must far outweigh those of being a big girl of four.

I can understand that.

Approaching the big 6-0 next month, I, too, like to fancy myself a baby of, let's say, 40 years old (Oh, no, is that Mother Nature again doubled-over in laughter? Is she the one responsible for my body mutiny?). And in a split-second hardhearted reality sets in :

I find white hair where brown hair used to be.
I find hair where I don't want it and no hair where I do.
My eyelids need clothespins to haul them back into place.
Bulges substitute in for taut muscles.
The bunions have won.
The dimples on my thighs are turning into Grand Canyons.
And my jawline has...well, what jawline?

So I prepare for battle. Using my nearsighted eyes, I study the options.

I know facial bones change with age.

1. I can try a non-surgical facelift or the real thing.

2. I can have the crevices filled in or I can repair wrinkles naturally.

3. I can have better brows.

4. I can lift my lids.

5. I can remove unwanted hair.

6. I can get a hair transplant or a better haircut (Men can too).

7. I can apply cosmetics more becomingly.

Or I can just be myself and do nothing. Except pray. Alot.


Ann K. Levine, Esq. said...

I tried #5 recently and highly recommend it!~

Andrea said...

me too! amazing stuff.
but be prepared that a few years down the road the body starts to rejuvenates itself (go figure) and some hair will find its way back into your being.

50something said...

Me, too. It found its way back to my face. Off to the laser lady again.