Friday, October 24, 2008

Modern, Youthful Fashion

Some of us learn by seeing (me, for instance!). Others do better listening.  3 consultants discuss how to look modern and youthful. Sherrie Matthieson helps her clients pick the simple staples for their wardrobe to make each of them look genuine and ageless. 
Deborah, JoJami and guests discuss accessories and color (you have to be very careful how you use certain colors so that they don't make you look hard). Sometimes a charcoal gray may be a better choice than black because black soaks in color and depletes you. 

Have fun with color. Sherrie is partial to orange and plays on orange.  She also suggests mixing your greens (apple, hunter, and lime) with white jeans during the summer.  Stay away from mauve or peach with gray.  Check out men's departments for scarves (imagine a turquoise scarf next to your face).  And while you're there, pick out a men's watch and add your own band.

Look for high-end workout clothes and match with flats or boots and a great purse.  The more ladylike you look as you age, the older you look, according to Mathieson.  Stay clear of all knit suits (and that well-known brand), she advises.  

Clothes should skim your figure.  Collect the classics and then add the special pieces. 
Think sleek and simple for shoes (no bling).

A non-ornamental jean jacket goes a long way in your wardrobe. 

Mathieson suggests an over-the-shoulder good-sized (not huge) weather-resistant patent leather bag which may be adorned with zippers.    Think patent beyond dressy--it can really be sporty.  Try shoes with a patent stripe.   

Replace your heavy Coach bag with a more modern version.  You can find inexpensive eco-friendly bags that can be used everyday.  

Other Mathieson suggestions:

Use a scarf with a v-neck sweater.

Don't go for tight turtlenecks; cowl necks are better.

Replace some of your dainty necklaces with substantial ones--your eye goes to the necklace and not to your neck.
JCrew, Ralph Lauren, and MaxMara consistently carry classic clothes.  You can also find garments sometimes at Target, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor. However, stay away from Chicos--don't confuse their glitz with fashion. 


Bear Naked said...

Thanks for those links.
I'll check them out when I have a bit more time.

Bear((( )))

sherrie said...

As always-I'm delighted by your interest!
I did discuss colors in our teleseminar as well as other issues you've mentioned.
I do feel that Deborah's mentioning that black can be "harsh"as you age--and that my suggestion that charcoal grey is a close-but much softer neutral that's way better -was advice to closely consider.It's sophisticated and works beautifully with dark browns, camels, lighter grays.
Conversely the Glam Gals also asked me which bright colors are modern. I mentioned different tones of orange, coupled with tomato/red and magenta --a play on warm tones. Additionally you can layer a cool palette with a play on greens. Combine apple green with hunter green for example.Try apple green with deep purple --another gorgeous color play! You can see some of these color combos in my book "Forever Cool...and more to come April 14, 2009 in my next book "Steal This Style (Clarkson-Potter/Random House)

Shirley said...

What a lesson, Susie!!! Thank you! (You’re going to see a new me now.) Ahum. L