Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coupons to Save Us Money

Keeping your money is a challenge these days.  So spending wisely what you have is becoming more and more a skill that I personally would like to hone. 

Nicole Paitsel (Associated Press) suggested that every time you plan your trip to the grocery store, you should first check its website for coupons.  You may even be able to load some coupons directly onto your preferred customer card.

Yesterday I got a jump start in learning the value of ecommerce coupons (you know that little "Promotion Code" box you practically never get to fill in to get added discounts?) from Ms. Paitsel.  Don't ever order anything online, she warned,  without first checking the more than 10,000 coupons on Coupon Winner such as "Most Used Coupons," "Expiring Coupons," or "Free Shipping." 

With the holidays creeping up on us (I heard Christmas music at Costco last week!), coupons, thankfully, can make a smaller dent in our pocketbook.  

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