Sunday, October 26, 2008

10 Great Senior Sites

I really like Smart Money. The articles are timely and relevant. The print can be enlarged for these sometimes-weary eyes. Back in February, 2004, it published 10 online resources for seniors. 4 years later I wouldn't debate the continued wealth of information provided by each of these resources, mostly government and nonprofit organizations and trusted companies.

For instance,
1. Go to Eldercare Locator to find help where you live.

2. Use a national database to find out what benefits you qualify for (veterans' assistance, rent assistance, prescription assistance, etc.).

3. explains this program simply and in detail. Here you can determine the level of care needed. You can even compare nursing homes.

4. Get help from a reliable nonprofit consumer-advocacy group about how to judge assisted-living facilities.

5. Sign up for Social Security online. Use the benefit calculator to find out how much money you can expect each month. Consider depositing your checks directly into your bank account.

6. Look for articles and references to other websites from ElderWeb.

7. Get your documents (wills, trusts, power of attorney, estate planning, etc.) in order with advice from National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.
8. Find easy-to-understand articles on AARP's website.

9. Caregivers lives are made easier with the help of geriactic care managers.

10. Get help locally while finding out all about caregiving from the Family Caregiver Alliance.

For 2009, add It will give you all the above information in one location!

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Nancy said...

These look like a wealth of information. Thank you for sharing them!