Saturday, October 18, 2008

Best Websites of 2008 Continued Again

Think Colourlovers, The Nest, and Apartmenttherapy if you want to redecorate your digs.  

If you're into healthy, find out how other people are rating foods and save big bucks at the supermarket.

Extra cash on hand (Yeah, right," some of you are saying) and you want to help someone out? Make a loan to an entrepreneur in a developing country for as little as $25.

Are you one of those people who doesn't share recipes?  Then Open Source Food isn't for you--except that you can peek at someone else's private stash.

Dumbfound your guests with photos, documents, and film clips taken straight from the National Archives
Are Mars and Venus that different?, a free men's online magazine, not only gives advice on dating and the secrets of love, it also delves into health, mental fitness,  loss,  and gadgetry, among others. 


Myrna said...

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Ms. 50something said...

Myrna ( has a great newsy and informative blog. Whether you're into your grandchildren (cherish those rare moments) or the latest boomer stars (Meryl Streep is still hot) and what they're up to or whether you want to know how Sarah Palin gets her style (even if you are or aren't voting for her ticket), this is a place to check out (and Myrna has the right credentials to make her fashion judgments).