Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad

Hey, Dad, Happy Birthday.

I miss you so much.  I miss your smile.  I miss our philosophical discussions.  I miss your practical sense.  I even miss your teasing and stubborn ways.

You should see your great-grandchildren.  They are the cutest bunch.  H, my sleepover pal,  swims and will be reading in no time.  She still enjoys "blankie and thumb" along with her cereal and whipped cream.  N is a "going concern" running in circles and pumping her left arm when she is excited.  J, the talker and a big Elmo fan,  shows promise as a gourmet cook using unusual ingredients found in the common garden. Strong and sturdy A has football player/scientist tendencies.  At 17 months he opens the fridge, uses his teeth to open food containers, fills his mouth with chunks of fruit and replaces the container.  And infant L is still checking out this world wondering why he left the warmth he was used to for the last 9 months.  

I hope you're loving heaven.  I am certain you are wielding a tennis racket or bowling ball and playing bridge with Mabel and Pat and the rest of your old Hazlet buddies.  Brenda's making you laugh the way she always did.  Dave is probably off fixing something with Danny.  Grandma and Minnie are making knishes for all the kids who made it there before they were finished here and Max M and Max L are teaching them.  And I wouldn't be surprised to find Harry and Eva collecting used wings and such for the Angel thrift store.   

I bet you are having a busier life there than you had here for the last few years. I hope you are happy and safe and know that those you left behind still think about you all the time and love you beyond words.

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