Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some of My Favorite Sites

You've viewed Time's list of best websites for 2008.  Below are some of my blogs which provide you with noteworthy sites you might want to check out:
For shoes, I wouldn't go any further than Footsmart.
From the company that provides "smarter, better products for lower body health," I can shop by brand or condition of my feet.

Familydoctor is a clean, clear, and concise health site. I love the format and ease of reading. 

I love used things at great prices   but I don't like to be scammed. 

Seniorclix suggests online courses via directories and a library and furnishes you with access to important forms. 

Clothes and fashion are a thorn in my side.  The Glam Gals are the closest thing to my own personal shopper.

At times like these, financial and retirement planning is a monumental challenge.  Let these sites and tools help you.  Good luck!

I'm all for making this world a better place.  Even though I find this website difficult to read, I love its concept and fresh approach to rating corporations.


Bear Naked said...

Thank you for all those great sites to visit.

Bear((( )))

sherrie said...

I work as a style consultant (www.sherriemathieson.com) and have a book "Forever Cool"on shelves now, and a new book also from Random House coming out next April called "Steal This Style". I like the Glam Gals site, and we have been planning a teleseminar.
At present my site is directed at commentary and thought provoking ideas--that I believe are key to developing one's own style.I also contribute to BoomerGirl.com as their fashion expert with frequent podcasts, you might enjoy.

Ms. 50something said...

Wow, Sherrie. I've checked out your site and you have talent, girl. I love your suggestions and will definitely get "Forever Cool." In addition, look for an upcoming blog about it as we boomers need to update our wardrobe and style. Teach us how to keep the costs down (can you tell the recession has hit our home and retirement savings?) but still look great. Thanks for your input.

Kaye said...

Thanks for the great list of sites. I was especially interested in SeniorClix.org. They have some great resources including some excellent forms. I'll definitely be sharing that info. :)

Kristin Joy said...
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