Saturday, July 12, 2008

Financial Planning for Boomers and Seniors

Bob dropped the article onto my desk chair while I was off doing something else.  This is his nonverbal pattern of telling me that my readers might want to learn about the particular content.

He's right, of course...sometimes more often than I care to admit!

According to the article, the University of Pennsylvania offers an extensive directory of finance and investment websites for market analysis, bonds, corporate financials, mutual funds, and numerous other investment topics.  

Take the link from"Personal Finance Websites. " AARP's "Financial Planning and Retirement" is divided into subsections:  Creating a Plan, Checking, Budgeting and Record Keeping, Saving Money, Insurance, Investing, Retirement Planning, and Who Can Help You.   Kudos to AARP for enabling the user to increase or decrease font size while explaining each term in the most basic language.  

MSN Money provides excellent personal tools to calculate income, expenses, and  life-expectancy.  

Smart Money makes suggestions on last-minute retirement planning.  

And if you want professional help with financial planning, you might not want to miss a prior blog.   

Finally, should you run into Bob soon, don't forget to thank him for this information.

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