Friday, July 18, 2008

Surviving Colon Cancer

My cousin Eve began her last round of chemo.  In spite of the neuropathy and other bothersome side effects, her spirits were high.  Her twin daughters just turned 5.  

Then she read about Tony Snow who died from a relapse of colon cancer.  

In all her efforts to fight her cancer including acupuncture, natural medicine, mental healing, and just keeping occupied with everyday life, Eve avoided the one constant fear among survivors: The enemy can and often does slyly and maliciously creep back into your life without notice.

"I hear from many survivors that eventually this all-consuming worry lessens and isn't a part of your daily existence.  Some people have told me that they now go weeks--even months--without thinking about cancer.  That's hard to imagine now but I look forward to that day."

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