Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gold Fever: Golden Websites for 50+ers

When I was knee-high, I went to my best friend’s house to explore his backyard. When I returned home, my dad asked what I had in my bulging pockets.

“Gold. I found them in the hills behind Bobby’s house” I replied proudly as I l laid the rocks on our kitchen table, thinking of all the possibilities (most of which included toys) this could bring. Dad looked over my stash.

“Susie," he said, "The only gold in that backyard is Bobby.” My bubble burst wide open.

After more than ½ century of venting, I’ve returned to digging...but this time I hit the jackpot!

Check out a few of my favorite websites for baby boomers and seniors ("Golden Weblinks"):

  • Familydoctor.org provides clear and concise senior health information.

  • Fisher Products supplies ample specifics, often accompanied with photos, about many different sorts of home health care products.

  • At HOMEMODS.ORG you will find plenty of resources to help you create a safe environment at home.

  • SeniorShops.com shares 8 games loved by seniors which you can purchase at a discount.

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