Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Buying Clothes When You're Over 50

Granted, I don't have Diane Keaton's budget.

But I am so frustrated.  I've been surfing the web for an hour now.  I can't believe the lack of clothing options for the over-50 lady.  

Common on, clothing manufacturers.  What do we have to do to rouse you from your coma?

We don't need polyester--it was never and still isn't breathable.  You can do better.  Granted, denim provides style and comfort but Levi Strauss put his name on the fabric 1 1/2 centuries ago.     

I'm tired of looking at scrawny young women in tight-fitting clothes.  I'm tired of having to sift through wardrobe sites only to find abysmal plus sizes or unimaginative women's clothes.
We're a huge audience.  We're busy.  We want to be fashionable.  Many of us have the disposable income.  Gosh, if a designer just gave us what we wanted in fabrics, colors, and styles, he/she'd be laughing all the way to the bank.   

Clothing manufacturers:  Take the 50something challenge-- Create a clothing line dedicated to our age.  Then maybe more of us could look like Diane Keaton!


Bear Naked said...

Here is one store I like to visit
It is only available in Canada though.
I have one of these stores at a mall near me so I don't have to shop online but I do check the website to see the newest arrivals

Bear((( )))

50something said...

Hey, Bear,
I will check it out. Thanks for your comments. You are #1 on my "Favorite Blogs to Read."

Bear Naked said...

Today I left a link to your blog and asked others if they had some favourite stores.
Maybe we will get a nice long list of places that cater to our age group.

Bear((( )))

50something said...

You are the best! Why didn't I think of that? Common folks, let us know where you shop on or off the net.

CathyS said...

I think Chico's http://www.chicos.com/store/home.jsp
is the best for the over 50 crowd. The only thing bad is when I go to a party, I'm likely to find someone else in the same outfit.

FT said...

"We're a huge audience. We're busy. We want to be fashionable. Many of us have the disposable income. Gosh, if a designer just gave us what we wanted in fabrics, colors, and styles, he/she'd be laughing all the way to the bank."

My sisters and I have said this identical thing over and over and over again. I continue to search the web for ANYTHING, anything I can wear. I can buy anything I want but I can not find ANYTHING I would wear. It is ridiculous. I know exactly what is needed but am I a designer, a buyer, a clothes person? No!!!! Someone help -- we are HUGE market waiting to be discovered. Nothing FRUMPY. Nothing OLD LADYISH. Just stylish, comfortable clothes. It ain't rocket science, really, just give us a call and we'll let you know what we need....

Ms. 50something said...

Okay, FT, now you have options. Take a look at
http://www.50somethinginfo.com/Directory/Lifestyle/Wardrobe/Women's-Clothes.aspx. I can't promise it is the end-all, cure-all but it's a beginning. I am as frustrated as you and will keep you posted on everything I learn. Hope you let me in on your finds too.

oliversboise said...

Try Jjill online, I buy off season and save a ton. I'm birderline plus-size end their cuts are very flattering, lots of natural fabrics and choices....

Ms. 50something said...

Sorry. I didn't realize JJill had such nice items in its women's sizes. I should have included it. Thanks, oliversboise!