Friday, August 22, 2008

Natural Disasters and How You Can Prepare For Them

A hurricane, flood, earthquake, fire, or other disaster can strike your area with little if any warning.   The Red Cross has created multiple plans to provide assistance.  In fact, they have preparedness information specifically for seniors and people with disabilities.

In addition, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Aging has a comprehensive emergency readiness checklist available for older adults and caregivers.

Find out why older Americans should get ready now, such as:
1. Establishing a personal support network
2. If you are traveling, identify yourself to the registration desk that you may need assistance in the event of an emergency
3. Carrying multiple health cards with you (behind your driver's license or primary ID in your wallet), in your car, and in emergency supply kits which include your medications, equipment you use, allergies and sensitivities, communication difficulties
4. Preparing an emergency contact list, both in and out-of-town, to relay information and messages
5. Collecting and storing in sealed freezer bags your emergency documents including family records, deeds, charge and bank accounts, and social security numbers
6. Pre-assessing your own ability for shutting off utilities (if necessary), using a fire extinguisher, etc.  If you or someone you live with is unable to undertake these duties, take appropriate measures to get assistance.

Don't be a victim of the next natural disaster.  Get ready now.


Bear Naked said...

Thanks for that list of things that we should do to prepare for any emergency.
It is something we all know we should do but being human we tend to put it off.
We will get on that this weekend.

50something said...

I'm guilty of the same thing. All those warnings. I need to plan better. Market and hardware store, here I come.