Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jogging Your Memory

In my mind's eye, I pictured the honey bee diligently cramming each cell to the brim. However, with each successive expedition, the worker packed the cubicle with imperceptibly less nectar than the time before.  Only after years of this repetition did it become obvious that the cubicle was reflecting what was happening day after day before my eyes.

Similarly, I see lapses in my own memory.  Once I was able to remember volumes of information which filled enough test booklets to earn me high grades.  

Now I have trouble remembering names, data, and things to do.  

Dad always said, " Don't try to remember something that you can write down." He might have been content with some senior sites jam-packed with handy checklists.

I play games to jump start my memory.  I may sift through the alphabet to see which letter generates a familiar connection with the forgotten name or face.  
Fay has another way of remembering.  She has 2 Roll-a-dexes, one by last name and one for profession or trade.  All her doctors are bunched together.  So are her handymen and service people. 

What games or tools do you use to replenish those partially-filled brain cells? 

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Bear Naked said...

I don't watch much television but the one show that I try to see is Jeopardy.
My husband is amazed that I have the correct answer so many times.
To tell the truth, I amaze myself sometimes because I don't know why I remember some of the trivia.
It is fun for me and it keeps my mind working.

Bear((( )))