Monday, August 18, 2008


"Buff lady," "Utah," "Wise One," "Yachtygirl" and I were working out while discussing our kids and tattoos.  
1. One son felt that by the time he would be tired of his naked boyfriend/1 st girlfriend yin/yang tattoo imprinted on his chest, dermatologists would have figured out a way to remove them painlessly (that's an optimist!).  
2. One teenager cut his curly locks into a Mohawk and then shaved his head, a prime target for scalp tattoo devotees.   
3. One relative and her brood got themselves peace dove reminders of a deceased child.  (Now that's sweet)
4. One lady pointed out the rush that getting a tattoo has on some people, so much so that they continue to play the easel to the artist's tools.  
Frankly, even though I dislike Erin's tattoos (birds and a rose), by law she is considered an adult and in charge of her own body.  
Hiding them isn't an option. Warm weather, I've found, lures tattoos to poke their indiscriminate heads out of sun dresses and bathing suits.  
Whatever happened to the good old days when rebellion meant smoking in the high school bathroom or leaving the campus at lunch?  

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