Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just Something Yummy

Lemon curd. Bob wants to know why I bought lemon curd. I don't know why I bought lemon curd but it was calling to me from the shelves, reminding me of Debbie at the gym regaling lemon curd--how useful it is, how you can add it to just about anything and it'll transform the dish into something sensational, almost orgasmic.

So in a weak moment at Trader Joe's, I stood in the lemon curd aisle and contemplated all the ways I could use lemon curd.

I suppose if I were English and fancied teas, I'd have lemon curd as a daily staple with my scones.

Having some Canadian blood it me, it might make some sense I'd at least stop and take a quick look.

I could make yummy lemon bars  or even lemon meringue pie.  I found 81 recipes, more cards than in my whole recipe box, just using lemon curd.

I've even been told it can be eaten au naturel by the spoonful!


Bear Naked said...

I now have an overwhelming craving for lemon meringue pie.
I was so proud that I lost one pound this week.
Must resist! Must resist!

Bear((( )))

50something said...

Go, Bear,
Keep the weight coming off. Forsake the lemon curd in favor of celery sticks.

Nancy said...

Lemon curd huh? I have tried a lot of lemon flavored things but dont believe lemon curd was one of them. I guess I have led a sheltered life. :-)