Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Urinary incontinence: To Pee Or Not To Pee

Experiencing urinary incontinence can be humiliating. More people than like to admit are afflicted with this malady. Contrary to popular belief, aging does not cause incontinence.

The good news is that urinary incontinence is treatable. Bladder training is an option. Surgery may solve the problem. And there are products on the market which can make it more tolerable.

Why suffer in silence when relief is just a click or a phone call away: Bladder Control Hotline (800) 252-3337.


Bear Naked said...

I wrote about my experience with bladder incontinence on my blog right here.

50something said...

Hey, readers. Go to Bear's blog if you want to find out about a personal case of incontinence. She lays it all out there for the benefit of others. It's inspiring.

FYI for women said...

This is a great entry! This is a topic that needs to be spoken about a lot more! Thank you for spreading the word! We are trying to spread the word as well! The more we talk about it... the more women will seek help and squash the stigma! http://www.fyiforwomen.com/blog/

50something said...

Hey, folks,
I checked out FYIforwomen.com It looks like they have a lot of information about incontinence. You might want to check them out.