Monday, May 31, 2010

Ways to Save Money on a Limited Budget

I've noticed a new phenomenon around our area. Vacated stores that once housed booming businesses are now home to consignment goods. It appears that people are trying to stretch their dollar more in trying times such as these.

Today's local paper shared other ideas by Sheba Wheeler (Denver Post) on ways to save $$$. Here is a shortened version of her bargain-hunting article:

1. Look for low or free admissions to professional performances and art at universities and schools.

2. Celebrate special occasions at home with memorable menus.

3. Save the cost of a pet bed by making your own.

4. Create toys from items around the house.

5. Barter and share services.

6. Gift your time and pool your money for shared items.

7. Rather than pay for expensive test preps, look for low-cost or free resources.

8. Review for inexpensive furniture.

9. Keep the box-spring (if it is in good condition) rather than replacing it when you get a new mattress.

10. Use independent agents to sell your home by negotiating lower percentages.

11. Retrieve free health advice over the internet.

12. Try generic drugs and ask your doctor for 90-day prescriptions.

13. Rethink collision insurance on older cars.

14. Consider buying a "demo" at the auto dealership.

15. Use less energy by keeping your freezer full.

15. Slow-cook cheaper cuts of meat.

16. Use up what's in your kitchen cupboard.

17. Spend on a late lunch rather than dinner.

18. Look for copies rather than the more expensive original clothes designers.

19. Shop the outlets.

20. If you're small and female, consider boys departments for blazers, cashmeres and pull-overs.


litzi said...

You listed 20 fantastic ways to s-t-r-e-t-c-h our money in these trying economic times. Thanks!

Diane J Standiford said...

All good. Barter has worked well for me. I am about to try Ebay, though I am afraid. Yard sales have put change in my pocket too. And try getting a lower price for everything! It is amazing what may happen!

Ms. 50something said...

My kid bargained on her insurance and got the same coverage for $3,700+ that was quoted at $6,000+!