Friday, May 7, 2010

Comfort Foods

Often during periods of unhappiness, depression or sickness we turn to comfort foods that transport us back to a time when life was easier. Unfortunately those foods generally have high fat content--such as macaroni and cheese, chili, mashed potatoes, pizza, spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies.

Simple adjustments can make these foods not only more healthful but also reduce our risk for disease:

1. Understand that standard serving sizes are smaller than you realize. If you decrease your portion size gradually, you'll be less likely to notice the change.

2. Shift the portions on your plate. Emphasize plant-based foods and reduce animal protein.

3. Substitute ingredients, such as exchanging cream for reduced fat milk.

4. Add healthy ingredients to your recipe, such as vegetables to spaghetti sauce or beans to chili.

5. Treat yourself to some of your favorite comfort foods for special occasions.


Diane J Standiford said...

Portion control. That simple. As Nike says, JUST DO IT. Mac and cheese---ahhhhh

Ms. 50something said...

Car-man and I use lunch plates for dinner. Then it seems like we are eating alot because our plates are full.