Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Eyes Have It: When You Are Plagued With Dry Eye Syndrome

Car-man and I love to walk at Shoreline Park in Santa Barbara. More than once we had to turn around and head home prematurely because my eyes were stinging and my vision was blurred. Even my tears couldn't alleviate the pain.
Then I learned I have dry-eye syndrome.

I wasn't aware that this incurable ailment primarily plagues post-menopausal women. In addition to stinging and blurred or fluctuating vision, the syndrome may also cause sensitivity to light.

Dye eye syndrome arises out of a disfunction of any of the three layers of film on the eye. These layers are mucus, water and oil.

Here's what you can do to combat dry eye syndrome:

1. Run a humidifier to combat dry winter air.

2. Take out your contact lenses and replace with eyeglasses.

3. Get plenty of sleep.

4. Avoid smoke.

5. Wear goggles when swimming.

6. Direct fans and vents away from your face.

7. Wear sunglasses, preferably the wrap-around kind.

8. Wear a hat.

9. Eat healthy.

10. Drink lots of water.

11. Use herbal tea bags as compresses.

12. Take breaks from the computer or television.

13. Gently massage the edge of your eyelids daily with a warm wet swab or washcloth.

If you are still uncomfortable, an eye lubricant might help. Find the best one for you from over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. The premier ones are preservative free and come in single-use vials.

If you opt for an eye ointment, apply only at bedtime.

And should you continue to have trouble, see your ophthalmologist.

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Anita said...

More good info! If it ever happens to me, I'll remember the possible solutions...hopefully. :)