Thursday, June 3, 2010

Smelly Pouches and Cobwebs

Mr. Herbert Johnson, 73, interviews senior citizens in order to compile their stories and link recipes from their childhoods. His subjects frequently reflect on home-made remedies for childhood ailments which, some doctors profess, were merely placebos and not scientifically corroborated.
However, these "cures" often brought the desired effects.
Mr. Johnson himself remembers when his grandma parted his hair into sections, sprinkled his scalp with salt and tied brown paper to the ends of his hair to relieve his headache.
Heated lamb's grease applied to a sick child's chest and allowed to cool might cure a cold.
Mamas treated ringworm by hanging a smelly pouch around a child's neck.
Others applied cobwebs to the inside of a cut and stitched it up with thread to hasten healing.
Did any of your older relatives treat your ailments in unorthodox ways?


Anita said...

Not quite THAT unorthodox!
But, a fever was treated with an alcohol rub down.

Ms. 50something said...

Yeah, but it worked!