Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Remember the old "chicken" jokes that made you groan (but secretly you liked them)? Well, I won a book full of them and at 62, I still have the same reaction. The old-timer who compiled them must have the same corny humor as yours truly.

Here's one for you: Why did the chicken double-cross the road?
A. She was searching for a public roost-room.
B. The road turned against her.
C. Nostalgia--she wanted to re-trace her steps.
D. It was an ex-Spearment...to "double her pleasure."
E. All of the above.

Obviously, it's "E" but I particularly favor "A" on days I don't practice the Kegel exercise (I didn't have to think about THAT when I last heard the jokes). Oh, well!

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