Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mexico As A Retirement Option

It was estimated in 2004 that 500, to 600,000 Americans have chosen to retire in Mexico. And that number is likely to increase (Kathleen Kirkwood, McClatchy News Service).

$1,000/month can provide a comfortable and attractive lifestyle south of the border since the cost of living is low.

Expatiates claim that there is plenty to do there and in nearby San Diego. They enjoy the culture, the mercados and the boulevards.

And in spite of travel warnings often due to narcotic-driven violence, many Americans feel as safe or safer than where they lived before in the States.


Diane J Standiford said...

I wonder if they have assisted living retirement homes?

Ms. 50something said...

Hi Diane,
According to the Dallas News (November, 2008), Mexico is building active senior and assisted living facilities for American retirees. They can cost as little as $1,100/month.