Friday, October 2, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Therapy: Voo Doo or Voo Don't

This is for you, Kim P., Diane S., Barbara, and Pam.

Every since Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center (Milwaukee) neurologist Bhupendra Khatri used his plasma exchange machine 30 years ago, most of his MS patients have noticed significant improvement.

One went from a wheelchair to a cane or walker. Another claimed that she couldn't have finished college and grad school without the exchange of artificial plasma for her blood plasma.

And of the 271 patients in a 25-year study presented in May, 2009, a total of 217 showed improvement.

Journalist John Fauber (McClatchy News Service) reported that even though Dr. Khatri is earning increasing credibility in the science community, many question his test data. They assert that the FDA would have required better-designed and more random clinical trials.

Pharmaceutical companies are paying little attention to the blood-filtering system. But maybe that's because it wouldn't generate a big enough profit for them.

Still, Medicare and Medicaid have initiated payment for the costly ($4, - 5,000) treatments even though most private insurance companies deny it.

Kudos to Dr. Khatri for continuing his uphill climb to relieve the millions afflicted with MS. May all the videos he is now taking to document his patients' improvements turn the skeptics into believers. We'll see.


Diane J Standiford said...

You got me! I hadn't heard this. I will try and find a neurologist who knows about it. (Wish me luck, the Drs. in Seattle have failed me many times) Thanks for the info.

Ms. 50something said...

Go for it, Diane. You're my test case!