Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Computers Combat Depression for Boomers and Seniors

Miranda Hitti of WebMD Health News reported to Fox News that adults over 65 who use computers are less likely to experience depression than the non-computer savvy friends.

Probably, she asserts, this is because this group of people are more likely to connect with other people via email, chat rooms and because they are exercising their brains more (learning!).

What else did this study group reveal?

Most had higher annual household incomes and greater ease with daily tasks.

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Anonymous said...

This site is so cool, love reading all the blog and postings, hope to chat with you soon... :)

Mandie Reed

Ms. 50something said...

Thanks, Mandie. There are even some computers--GoComputers which make it even easier for seniors to use.

Diane J Standiford said...

Many seniors at my retirement/assisted living home, are very interested in computers and want to learn how to use them. There are 2 in our social room. For myself, being disabled and basically "home bound," the Internet and my blog have been wonderful for me. I always have a friend to talk to on my own schedule, can play card games whenever I want, and can handle all my banking, grocery shopping, etc., independently. I can see how it helps many seniors!