Friday, October 9, 2009

Boomer and Seniors Get Tattoos

I don't know why they're getting tattoos at our age (and would love to hear why you think they do!)...but they are. But the fact is that more and more baby boomers are adding to birds, flowers and family reminders to body parts mostly unseen in public.

Like our younger counterparts, boomers and seniors should go only to reputable shops displaying licenses from city, county or state agencies. Even so, make sure the artist not only uses new disposable needles which are discarded after use but also explains the entire process.

The tattoo artist should disinfect chairs, tables, counters and workspaces, wear gloves and wash hands before and after each customer.

Think before you ink, warns the FDA. Be on alert for allergic reaction. And note that you may be at risk for other ailments.


karen said...

I want some ink. Just can't make up my mind what and where.And I have no $$$. Is she really getting a tatoo?

karen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. We all go to the hallway in a tornado warning. If you don't have a cellar you have to go to the center most part of the house. We live in tornado alley so we have spent lots of nights in the hallway.

Ms. 50something said...

So, would your tattoo say:
"Cellar or hallway"?

b said...

WHY? I have know women 'of a certain age' to get a tattoo because their daughters are doing seems it is just another way of connecting. Those older women would tell you that the tattoo makes them feel rebellious...something they did not realize they still could do.

This was such a wonderful talked about living. I think that is a very good thing...needles, wheel chairs and all.

If I were to have a tattoo it would say simply "yes". Those that know me would understand.


Ms. 50something said...

Hey, Barbara,
If I were to get a tattoo, it would have to say "Not Normal." That way I'd just keep everyone guessing!