Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boomer and Senior Jobseekers

Combined with age discrimination the recession has made finding a new job a daunting task for older workers many of whom have been laid off or are driven back into the job market.

The assumption by many employers is that older workers either would not accept less than their customary salary or would be unhappy for doing so. And often the human resource staff feels that boomers are less familiar with the latest technology and social networking skills than their younger counterparts.

In response boomers have taken to deleting dates on a resume in order to land a job. They ignore ads that suggest that the position would be perfect for a recent college graduate. And they are taking steps to appear younger—even using cosmetic treatments such as botox.

Boomers are bracing and preparing themselves for the frequent question, “Aren’t you overqualified?” and are encouraged by experts to emphasize skills and achievements over the number of years of experience.

According to Associated Press Christopher Rugaber, jobseekers should be enthusiastic about the job without sounding desperate. They should also brush up on their skills and not give anyone sufficient reason to discriminate against them in any way.

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karen said...

Good advice. If I ever get to go back to work I will need to brush up on everything.