Saturday, April 18, 2009

Social Security Debit Cards

AARP's March, 2008, Bulletin disclosed that Social Security will be providing monetary benefits on recipient debit cards.

Participants will receive a MasterCard debit card (secured with your own personal identification number--PIN) that will be reloaded each month with benefit payments.  Many believe that this form of payment is faster and safer than delivery by mail.

Warning:  Watch out for usage and ATM fees.  Also, keep track of your spending.  


Becky said...

Great post, Susan. Hadn't heard about this. Sounds like a good idea. My husband just got his "Flexible Spending Account" dollars sent to him on a debit card. We're becoming a paperless society!


Diane J Standiford said...

I think I'll stick w/direct deposit.

Ms. 50something said...

Hi Becky,
They are testing this in 4 states. Maybe it'll be in California soon. Thanks for the response!

Ms. 50something said...

Hi Diane,
If direct deposit works for you...nuff said! I personally haven't used a debit card yet.