Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Federal Government is Hiring

The numbers of unemployed boomers and seniors is hemorrhaging.  One place where people are finding success, according to the Washington Post, is on the federal government level. Somewhere between tens to hundreds of thousands of new federal jobs will need to be filled throughout the U.S. 

Many job-seekers bypass this opportunity because they assume that federal employers won't hire people in their profession.  Big mistake.  Virtually every type of professional from blue-collar to seasoned executives is needed in some federal position.  And should you be hired temporarily or by contract, your chances of getting a permanent job are significantly increased.  

Check out for thousands of openings daily nationwide.  Go even to the sites of specific agencies which don't advertise on   Attend federal job fairs.  Network in person or online.  

And let me know about your success (I promise to let my readers know, too).

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Diane J Standiford said...

18 years w/gov---best job I ever had. And they value experience (age).