Saturday, April 11, 2009

Emergency Preparedness: Stargazer Steps In

Because Stargazer, an online service for social good, has learned from 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and other natural and manmade disasters, it is all too familiar with what it takes to be safe.
That's why the organization is working to develop new services to help people become better prepared for emergencies. 

Simple forms and other web services enable users to document essential information, to alert others about catastrophes and to communicate with loved ones when they occur.

Here's what you can do for free to prepare for the unexpected.  Download and fill in the free forms provided  about each family member, about your household, your neighbors, and your pets.  Create a communication tree with emergency contacts including predetermined meeting places.  Make sure you maintain a list of critical supplies including a first aid kit.   And more.

Then save all this private information to your own computer. 

Stargazer offers an inexpensive service that enables you to communicate with the "outside world" to tell them how you are or what you need.   The organization can permanently safeguard your key documents and your specific emergency plans.

And should be moved to contribute time, talent, technology and money to make this world a safer place, then contact this essential nonprofit public charity.  

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