Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get Help During These Troubled Times: Self-Help Books Inspire

Associated Press writer Megan K. Scott gave her take on new books that aim to help those looking for a better job or trying to stay calm in light of our financial crisis or thinking of ways to reinvent themselves.  

One author lists the keys to emotional resiliency when you're dealt a cruel hand--like losing a child. 

Get help if you are stressed out, discouraged or overwhelmed in order to change your outlook to easier face life's challenges.  

Or if you have "money" issues, find out how to make your life exciting with whatever amount of money you have.

Worrying seems to be a natural by-product of our uncertain times.  Take M.J. Ryan's suggestion to set aside 15 minutes a day only to worry.  Then devote the rest of your day looking for new opportunities for your talents.  

A financial journalist even offers practical steps for people transitioning from paycheck to paycheck to comfortable earnings (how they are renewing ties to community and family).

Start a new chapter in your life suggests author B.J. Gallagher by finding true love, going back to school or starting a new career (Car-Man is written up in latest book, It's Never Too Late To Be what You Might Have Been).  

A recurrent theme:  Taking full responsibility for your life and quit blaming others.  Only then can you take the focus off the negativity and put your energy towards solving problems.  

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