Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mothers Day Gifts She's Sure to Love

From the latest in non-sticking brownie pans and interactive gaming systems to gift ideas that protect, serve and pamper Mom and Grandma, I've compiled a list of holiday gifts sure to bring pleasure to that special boomer or senior in your life!

1. Software for her computer.  Try Bridge Baron for the fanatic.  Make certain your are choosing one which is compatible with her PC or Mac.

2. Paper shredder.  This relatively inexpensive gift protects her from identity theft.

3. Fun and fitness with the Nintendo Wii.  Keep Mom, Grandma (even the kids and grandkids!) entertained in a healthy way with this interactive gaming system.

4. An over-the-bed table on casters feels luxurious when Mom or Grandma has her coffee and morning paper.

5. A funky new tote sets Mom and Grandma apart from others carrying store-logo totes.  For handmade totes, check out Etsy.

6. Make a donation to a charity for the Mom or Grandma who have everything and will be touched by this gesture.

7. Baker's edge brownie pan.  Now this is a gift that keeps on giving.  Especially if you like extra crunchy edges to your brownies.

8. Swivel seats for the car make it easier to get in and out and prevents strains on the back and hips.

9. Towel warmers make getting out of the shower as comforting as staying in!

10. Floor-standing magnifier lamps make hobbies easier.  Use them for puzzles, needlework and reading.

And don't forget the giant hugs and kisses!

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