Monday, April 13, 2009

Finding Work: Boomers, Seniors and Retirees Search For Jobs by Networking

I was moments away from writing a fabulous article about boomers and seniors conducting their job search.  Then I visited where author Anne Holmes presented such clear, easy-to-follow instructions on how to search for jobs that I threw in the towel.  

For instance, Ms. Holmes recited a story about a financially prudent (obsessive was more like it) man who penny-pinched his way to quite a nest egg only to have it disappear with the economic recession.  Yup, Ron invested only in stocks and we all know too well what happened to that once-lucrative arena.  

We learn on Holmes' blog which areas are likely to need workers.  

She comments on generational conflict (younger workers wanting positions older workers leave behind + older workers needing to stay in their positions longer).

However, according to this boomer mentor/coach, networking appears to be the principal key to success.  Not only traditional networking like we do at parties, work, or in conference rooms.  Social media networking (like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) need to be tapped as well.  

Follow Ms. Holmes simple instructions and find my own job search info --to begin your search for the job that you've always wanted.  

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