Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boomer Health and Fitness Guru Hands Out Important Information Free!

What does Becky Williamson have that most other boomer fitness coaches don't?

Becky lays it on the line for us.  She tells us what we might not want to hear in language we can understand. Just take her article on Oprah's weight gain.  Gurus, personal trainers and private chefs aren't the answer.  

What it really comes down to is that we--not anyone else--are responsible for our own bodies.  What's more, we can choose to make our lives what we want by deciding not only about the foods we eat but also about the commitments we make.

Reducing calories take their toll on our bones.  So does not getting our recommended daily requirement of calcium.  Furthermore, neglecting weight training in regular exercise routines can have serious consequences.

Ms. Williamson's article on fish oil prompted me to hightail it to my local health food store.

Join me in welcoming a refreshingly frank expert who has taught fitness and exercise for almost 25 years, a woman who is prepared to coach us (free!) in our battles of the bulge and other age-related health problems. 

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