Saturday, February 21, 2009

Generations Battle Over Gift Registries

Yesterday it was "Battle of the Generations" at our house.  Law-girl (LG) and Soda-man (SM) represented 20 and 30-somethings versus Unstoppable Grandma (UG), our prize-winning (a real tiger on the bowling alley), slot-machine-wizard, tells-it-how-it-is 80-something.

You see, LG and SM are getting married this year. They have been stewing over what to put on their gift registry.

UG has her own ideas for a registry should any of her buddies decide to take the plunge.


Gourmet food Ensure

Fine dining Early bird buffets

Negligees Flannels

Frilly slippers Comfy slippers & warm socks

Ikea Lazy Boy

Crate & Barrel Tuesday Morning

Martinis Prune juice

Stainless Plastic

Intimates Depends

Dinner napkins Bibs

Suitcase Tote bag

China Paper plates

Glassware Plastic cups

Home entertainment TV (without rabbit ears)

iPod Radio

Blackberry Pad and paper

Kitchen utensils & appliances Can opener

Money Money

I'll place my bets on UG.  How about you?

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