Monday, February 23, 2009

Parents At Fault For Migraines

Blame your parents if you get migraines.  1 parent increases your chances by 50% to getting those pounding, painful headaches. Both parents afflicted with migraines makes it 75% more likely that you'll follow suit.  And women are three times more likely to get them than men. 

This is what you can do to thwart migraines: Exercise regularly.  Watch the food triggers.  Aged, dried, fermented, salted, smoked, pickled, for caffeinated can cause problems so set aside beer, certain wines, and those yummy deli sandwiches (bummer).  Replace them with apples, pears, peaches and whole wheat bread, according to Fred G. Freitag, D.O., Associate Director of the Diamond Headache Clinic, Chicago). 

If you are experiencing migraines once or more a week, see your physician.   

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