Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Surviving Colon Cancer: The Wake-Up Call

It's hard to believe it was less than a year ago that I wrote about my young cousin contracting colon cancer.

Her life was full--a loving husband, twin daughters, unending support from her parents and sister, and more friends than anyone has a right to! Eve earned all her accolades with intelligence and sweat. I remember when she went door-to-door selling books and when she kept score for her college swimming team.

You never had to ask Eve how she was feeling; it was always written on her face. I can only imagine her struggles at hiding her disbelief (and disgust!) when unbeknownst to her, everyone was advised to gift-wrap the worst white elephant they could find for a wedding shower gift. Thank goodness she also had a mammoth sense of humor.

She loved the excitement of Washington, D.C. and working for elected representatives, a love that many years later brought her to Iowa to support Hilary Clinton's candidacy for president. This was where she found out that the excruciating pain she was experiencing was due to her next challenge in life, facing and fighting colon cancer.

Since that defining moment the rest of us have helplessly watched as Eve summoned up every tool, every emotion, every person to give their prayers, their advice, their research, and their help to hurdle Eve and her family over this life-threatening obstacle.

It's come full-circle now. Just the other day Eve reported that her "cancer chapter" of her life is finally over. She is feeling renewed hope and the opportunity to do wonderful things for her family and community on a very much smaller scale but similar to what Senator Obama plans for our country.

Welcome back, Eve. We love you.

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ConnectingTheDots said...

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