Saturday, November 8, 2008

Malia and Sasha Obama Aren't the Only Ones

Older folks love their dogs too, not only for companionship but for assistance as well. Many studies have shown that an appreciative, loving companion brings joy into and may even prolong their lives.

If you're considering adopting a pet, do your homework first:

1. Check out older dogs--often they are mellow and happy enough just resting at your feet or putting a head in your lap.

2. Consider the dog's energy level and how it compares to yours.

3. What are the policies of the place where you live concerning pets?

4. Are you up to caring for a pet?

5. Make plansfor your pet should he/she outlive you.

Finally, should Fido do the unthinkable, know what to do.


Bear Naked said...

What a coincidence I'm blogging on Monday about the first family and the puppy to come also.
I bet there are going to behundreds if not thousands of blogs about this subject.
Congratulations, yours' is the first I have seen onthe subject.

Bear((( )))

Shirley said...

You are so creative, Susie! How you come up with all these ideas – man, what a brain.