Saturday, November 22, 2008

Real Heroes

It was a sight to see. We stood in our cousins' window and watched their neighbors angle their 2 small cars to fit into a garage built to handle 1 1/2 cars. Carman said it couldn't be done except maybe by some experts. But he didn't know Sue and Bob well enough to know that they weren't your usual people.

Twenty-four years ago I met Bob, a healthy, upright, hard-working, vigorous schoolteacher who embraced life.

On a winter break in New Hampshire, his life as he knew it shattered. Not only did it look like he'd never ski again, it appeared that he wouldn't be doing much of anything physically for the rest of his life. Little did we know that this person couldn't be stopped.

We'd watch him hobble down the street, struggling to take each step and maintain his balance. It was painful to watch--it had to be excruciating to maneuver. With his loving, amazing, steadfast, and capable teacher wife by his side, he continued teaching, took vacations, and earned the admiration of anyone they came into contact with.

Last May I heard that Bob took the wheelchair to new heights. With pounds off, he tackled new sports such as basketball, tennis, and skiing.

What will he do next? Who knows? But whatever it is I am certain it will be performed with zest, determination, and courage.

Kudos to my heroes, Bob and Sue R.