Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Less of Mom to Love

Mom's in one of those retirement communities that provides 2 meals a day. Granted the portions are miniature but they are served appetizingly. They're not "what mama used to make" but they are healthy and balanced.

Not unlike many of us mom's not-so-secret stash of chocolates took the shape over the years of more generous thighs, middle, and behind and little could reverse the direction of this unwelcome expansion.

Now mom entered this new phase of life. She's more active than she's been in ages and appears much happier.

What the rest of the family didn't expect was that within a few months there has been "less of mom to love."

That's right. Without any effort mom is taking off weight and finding the urge to replenish her goody drawer less urgent. Her phone calls now include, "I wish I had kept my sewing machine" to "Can you find me a good seamstress or tailor" to "when can we go shopping?"

Who would have known that mom may become svelte again? Move over, Marilyn Monoe!!

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Shirley said...

Oh Susie, isn't this just amazing? So thrilled to hear how happy mom is. xxoo! Shirley
P.S. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!