Sunday, November 30, 2008

Purchasing the Right Car

I leave all things car to Car-Man because he's an absolute car-nut. After several jobs and careers, he's now selling cars, the foreign expensive ones he's favored for quite some time.

Besides make, model and price, color seems to be a major issue for most people, he confides, followed by such things (in no particular order) as visibility, maintenance, MPH, safety rating, interior space, comfort, and even how effortlessly Rufus can enter or exit.

Aging compounds the accessibility factor. Getting in and out of the car can be monumental. Finding an accessible place for a wheelchair or walker can pose its own problem (the wider the car, the better). And comfortable seats (with lumbar support?) tend to be a priority. Reaching for seatbelts makes it difficult to follow the law. And just try to turn the ignition key or gas cap if you suffer from arthritis.

People tend to think that they'll get Kelley Blue Book price for their trade-in. Remember, Car-man warns, that Kelley Blue Book does not buy or sell cars; therefore, their estimation of what your used car is worth may be grossly inflated. Keep in mind also that many cars are worth more as scrap than as a refurbished vehicle.

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