Friday, July 1, 2011

Grandparent Essentials

When advertised its 30 essential items every grandparent should have, I paid attention. After all, who's more important than the grand babies?

Author Paul Rogers divided the essentials into 3 groups--safety, snacks, and fun.

Safety essentials included a first aid kit, emergency information, ice packs, sunscreen and more.

For snacks grandparents should keep foods such unprocessed cereals, yogurt, cut-up veggies and fruit, peanut butter, whole-wheat tortillas, unbuttered popcorn.

Include in your fun pack: sidewalk chalk, washable markers, old photo albums, a library card, a deck of cards, board games, jigsaw puzzles.

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karen said...

I am not ready to be a grandma . But thinks for the tips when the time comes. LOL!