Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RealAge, a Real Help

I admit it. I'm jealous. RealAge has so much valuable information that I can't stop reading. Nor can I compete with its scientific advisory board. Their team of experts includes physicians, epidemiologists, and medical writers who research the latest findings.

How come I didn't have the wisdom to produce a site such as this years ago???

The only thing I can do is synopsize some of their information for my own readers. According to RealAge, you need to make sure you are getting enough magnesium, calcium, vitamins C, D3 and E. Speedy eaters are three times more likely to be overweight. Certain herbs can freshen your breath. Try parsley, basil or cilantro.

I was turned on to this site by my financial advisor who had a life-threatening medical issue.

I'm hooked. And you should be too.

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