Thursday, June 2, 2011

Exercise Balls, a Good Replacement for the Common Desk Chair?

Save yourself the cost of a posture-improving chair by purchasing an exercise ball? These inflatable balls require "active sitting" and may improve your posture by strengthening your core muscles.

But they may also cause you discomfort. You might not have enough space under your desk. There are no armrests. You may not be able to reach other items at your work station. And you may fall.

A better option is to choose a chair of good ergonomic design--with an adjustable back, seat and armrests. Wheels help too.

Make sure you vary your position, lean back, stand up and move around.

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karen said...

I have one of these balls. I sit on it and bounce while folding cloths and sometimes while flipping channels or just visiting with someone. But be careful it can dump you. And if you leave it out you can fall over it or trip on it. I'm not kidding. But very good for the tummy muscles.