Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prevent Falls By Listening to Cicetti

Falls are real. Among older adults they are the major cause of injury deaths. Hip breaks cause the greatest number of deaths and lead to the most severe health problems.

Fred Cicetti, the Health Geezer, provided us with one of the best list of fall preventatives I've seen:

1. Get bones tested.
2. Regularly exercise, especially weight-bearing exercise, to slow bone loss.
3. Drink alcohol sparingly.
4. Avoid temperature extremes in your home.
5. Wear low-heeled rubber-soled shoes.
6. Hold onto handrails.
7. Use a grabbing tool instead of risking a fall from a ladder or chair.
8. Get rid of debris on your floors.
9. When carrying items, take special care to look out for your next step.
10. Install grab bars near toilets, tubs and showers.
11. Use non-skid mats or strips in bathtubs and shower stalls.
12. Don't move around in the shower until the soap suds have disappeared down the drain.
13. Use night lights
14. Put light switches by your bed.
15. Use bright bulbs.
16. Always have a telephone nearby; carry a portable phone.
17. Tack down carpets and area rugs.
18. Close cabinets and drawers.
19. Use a cane in the rain or snow.
20. Be aware of differences in floor levels.
21. Keep your hands free by using a fanny pack, backpack or shoulder bag.
22. Evaluate curb heights before stepping down.
23. Install light switches next to the entrance of each room.
24. Practice balancing.
25. Be careful around pets.

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